Fashion and designer clothing is a competitive niche, but with the emergence of new trends and styles, you will see different clothing businesses and brands have earned a top position. But, when it comes to choosing the right design and style, options are overwhelming. So, you definitely need a refresher with a round of the best clothing brands.

Designer Galerie offers you just that! Right from the ones you see on your Insta feeds to some of the cult favs, it sells the most popular clothing brands that every woman wishes to add in her wardrobe.

Apart from the ready to wear pieces, you will also get to see a wide variety of accessories, swimwear, and shoes; so, be sure to check the incredible options available at Designer Galerie. Now, let’s just kick off the list of the best-selling brands that are killing the game.

Discover The Best-selling Brands On Designer Galerie


Founded by Camilla Franks, Camilla is the topmost fashion label in Australia, inspired by colour, travel, and luxury. The brand has been successful at capturing people’s imagination in its bespoke clothing that is influenced by the bohemian style and showcases the vibrant side of life.

You will discover handcrafted art pieces made with precision that have crystals and embellishments on it. It encompasses all the love for travel that awakens the adventurous spirit in everyone who wants to experience freedom and feel the joy of life. The best thing to try is her kaftans, kimonos, jumpsuits, and maxi dresses with nomadic prints and unique appeal.

Shona Joy

When it comes to Australian fashion labels, who can forget Shona Joy! Founded by Shona Joy Thatcher, the brand rose from the scratch and has continued to evolve since 2000. It has a clear ideology that focuses on creating timeless pieces that transcend any season and will be treasured for years.

You will get to see clothing options with a natural colour palette and neutral fabrication that showcases the true Australian identity. With a hint of 70’s bohemian vibe and glamour, the dresses are perfect to be worn on any occasion in day or night. Being a floaty, flirty, and feminine brand, the best options to look for are the evening wear and bridesmaid range that nails the Australian luxury on the head.

P.E Nation

Inspired by the ideology of active lifestyle, fitness, and fashion, P.E Nation is the best selling brand available on Designer Galerie. It is the reflection of its founders Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning who are fitness enthusiasts with a great love for fashion. Whether it’s running, yoga, boxing, or pilates, the brand aims to create pieces that meet your training needs perfectly.

Here you will find a wide variety of luxe athleisure and activewear for the modern women of today. These pieces are so versatile that you can mix and match it with any modern wardrobe and give a completely new look to your outfit. Go for denim and crop tops with functional design and retro detailing to rock any street style look.


Acler is another best-selling Australian fashion label that has been developed over a process of months by co-designers Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto. The idea of the brand is to generate tailor-made clothing items far away from computer-generated 2D design methods. Moreover, the attention to details and feminine fabrication is used for a relaxed fit, which was perfectly complemented.

The brand is best known for its oversized sculpted designs, feminine draping, and androgynous tailoring that a fashionable girl with a modest budget can wear. Whether you are going for a casual outing, club, night out, cocktail, or wedding, Acler has everything to best compliment your occasions. You can definitely pick dresses, tops, and blouses for a formal as well as a casual look.


Superga is a legacy that has been in existence for more than 100 years since 1911 when Walter Martiny. The concept of vulcanised rubber soles in shoes was soon considered as a heritage style and the popularity of the brand led to increased product lines. The brand started producing high-quality footwear that included technical sport shoes, rubber rain boots and a wide variety of colours and styles.

Whether you are on your way from the city to the beach, office to the bar, or from high street to park, Superga brings you the finest quality footwear that is stylish, elegant, and comfortable. Right from the high-end designs to street fashion it has everything that fits your pocket and suits your style. A wide range of footwear for men, women, and kids are available on Designer Galerie that you can consider for your next shopping.

So these were some runway-inspired Australian fashion labels that are much loved and deserve the spotlight. We hope you liked the blog. If you are ready for a shopping spree, you can check them all at Designer Galerie.

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