The colours that we wear or surround ourselves with impact us greatly. As a society, we are always cautious about the types and choice of colours in our day to day lives. We tend to associate colours with plenty of distinct things.

Sometimes colours even have meanings beyond visual stimulation. Studies have shown that we feel colours more than we see them. This is one of the main reasons why people are too finicky about colours. They wish to have a particular outfit in a specific colour because it relates to them and they feel happy wearing it.

Similarly, interior designers use different colours to create a mood in a room. There are different colours to make you feel differently. You can channel your energy by choosing the right colour for your room.

If you are one of those people who are meticulous about colours and the choice of your outfits, we are here to help you.

Let's see what colours can do to your mood and productivity.

Impact Of Colours On Mood And Productivity


Do you wish to get someone’s attention? Or do you wish to become a centre of attraction? Wear red without any doubt.

Red signifies passion. It signifies empowerment. It draws attention to the wearer. It is a colour that can be best associated with a whirlwind romance. It shows the fervour and depth of love.

Further, red is a colour that is perfect for any date night. However, stop there because red can also make you eat more than you planned to. Red is also known to stimulate the appetite. It can make you gorge on the junk. So, be cautious while wearing red if you are planning to lose weight.


Do you wish to wear something that shows off your seriousness? Or do you wish to throw a good impression at your job? Run towards the black outfit in your wardrobe.

Black signifies intensity. It shows seriousness. It shows power, authority, and responsibility. There's a reason why powerful people wear black most of the time because it gives them the confidence they need.

If we talk about informal times, black can give your personality an edge. If you are a little shy among people, wearing a black outfit will boost the confidence within you.


All that glitters is not gold but let's give it a benefit of doubt. Why not try a golden hue on your outfits one day?

Gold has been known to us for ages. We symbolize gold with royalty. It shows richness and luxury. It is also associated with confidence. If you feel low and wish to wear something that can make you feel calm, go for gold. Even a gold pendant will do the trick for you.

Gold is related to intelligence. It shows inspiration along with a tinge of royalty. So, why not give it a try?


Do you wish to have attention but red is just not your colour? Well, we have got an orange for you.

Similar to red, orange draws attention to the wearer. However, it is a little soothing compared to Red. Orange shows energy. It shows enthusiasm and liveliness. If you are a chirpy outgoing person, orange will sync in with your personality.

The only problem with orange is the skin tone. It doesn't go with every complexion. Hence, you need to be a little cautious while wearing orange and check if your skin tone can pull it off.


Are you missing summer on a cold day? Give white a try.

White reflects light. It takes us to the memories of our sunny days. It is associated with peace. It shows innocence. It shows simplicity. It shows the cleanliness of the heart and mind. It shows the purity of emotions.

Wear white if you can't think of anything else. Wear white if you want to combine it with something. White will never let you down.


Who doesn't know about pink? Of course, it is the girly colour you have been avoiding all your life. However, wait, because that's not all.

Pink is a happy colour. It is associated with romance and happiness. Also, it is a very calming colour (as opposed to your beliefs). Shy away from wearing pink if you are loaded with energy. You can wear it when you feel tired to get that quick daily dose of energy.

Now, as it is associated with romance, it is a good option for a date.


Blue is a difficult colour. On one side, it is calming and peaceful. However, on the other side, it is cold and standoffish.

If you are feeling uneasy or stressed out, blue can help you in staying calm. However, avoid wearing blue if you are upset as it can take you more into the blue zone.

Furthermore, blue is also known to charge your creativity. so, if you wish to dig out your inner genius, wear blue.


Colours impact our lives more than we think. They can affect our moods and eventually productivity. Hence, the right choice of colours is important.

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