We usually play it safe when we purchase clothing. We avoid taking risks with fashion and stick to colours and prints we are comfortable with.

However, if you are looking to muddle your wardrobe and want to give a makeover to your personal style, you should start by adding the must-have range of charming prints and colours to your collection.

Fashion enthusiasts say that including various styles in your wardrobe is a lot fun and is easier than you think. After reviewing the expert findings, Designer Galerie is here with seven beautiful prints and colour shades to incorporate into your look. These will help you dress up well for your every mood and occasion.

Gorgeous prints and colours to add to your wardrobe


Black is probably the most stunning shade of colour anyone can wear - it suits just about everyone! You always feel confident when you wear black and it can be mixed and matched with colourful accessories.

At DG, our luxe black kaftan with back buttons is absolutely adorable. It is a must-have in the closet of every modern woman. You can put on it for any occasion to always look your best.

You can pair it up with denim, metallic heels, and a black bag that compliments your outfit. Style with different hairstyles, bags and accessories according to your mood.


White clothing reflects the light and is a good choice to keep you cool in the warmer months. Choose ivory, cream, off-white, or any other shades of white which are the right colour choice for your skin tone.

A little serenity dress from Leo & Lin is perfect for bridal showers that make you feel like you are in the sky. You can also wear it as a classic white summery dress that can take you from the day party to a restaurant.


Pink is often considered the colour of a flirty girl, and it can be seen in the wardrobes of children and Barbie dolls. However, for those more mature girls, the tender and bold shades of pink are preferable, as it is the colour of ultimate femininity.

This pink dress available at Designer Galerie is perfect for a spring outing. Show your beautiful feminine side to the world with our adorable long pink dress.


Sunny yellow is evergreen; it never goes out of fashion. It has been the biggest fashion trend for ages. We claim this yellow-coloured apparel as the bubbliest dress in the fashion world and it can be styled in many ways. Layer it up with a stunning black coat, wrap a charming scarf, or choose something else - all will look perfect!

Whatever style you love, invest in a beautiful yellow outfit to break the monotony of neutral tones and show your bright personality.


For centuries florals have been a consistent theme in print design. Variety in its pattern can serve your so many moods, pick any from big and fancy florals to micro scattered prints, abstract designs to digital prints. Whatever print you choose, you will always be on the top of the fashion game.

Here is the Drifting Dreamer print, styled in layers over classy jeans and statement heels. Get it and style it your way!

Animal Print

If you like to keep it edgy, animal prints are the perfect pick for you.

You can wear animal prints in so many ways. Some people who want it loud wear it neutral, majorly leopard, zebra, and giraffe print.

Speaking frankly, animal print is a ‘love it or hate it’ style. But this stylish man up animal print jacket by Designer Galerie is a must-have for the wardrobe of every woman which no one can hate. Level up your fashion score by pairing this animal print jacket with the dark-coloured runner leggings.


If you are searching for a bold warm colour for your dress, cinnamon is the best colour you can pick.

Nothing can define the best elegance of cinnamon colour than this Cannes Satin Dress by CAMILLA AND MARC. It is made from a satin-like fabric in a rich cinnamon hue. A wrap-around scarf is beautifully draped to the body to complete the high cowl neck look. Wear with the removable belt cinches in the waist for a fitted look or wear without it for a relaxed fitting. Upgrade the look with leather tonal accessories.

Match the bag with tan footwear to pull together the outfit. These combinations are best for people who love to wear warm colours like spicy browns.

Colours and prints of your outfit have their language and they tell a visual story and show who you are as an individual.

Your choice of clothing reflects the uniqueness and conveys the world about you. You can also speak your story with your wardrobe collection. Shop a dress from Designer Galerie and speak your vibe! We have charming prints and colours to complete your story - shop now!

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