Imagine the fashion world without designer brands…

Bold and contemporary fashion brands add a pinch of glamour and style in our dressing style. These add an element of undying exclusivity to our plain look, making us create a stunning statement.

Now, if you are a fashion enthusiast and are looking to shop for some trending Australian designer brands, we have something in store for you. Take a look at these four best-selling fashion labels that are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. All these brands are finely crafted and present a surprisingly amazing blend of classic and contemporary fashion. Let’s get started.


Do you like professionally cut and stitched designs that are durable and fashionable? If yes, here are four best selling fashion labels that are a must. Have a look:


Launched in 2003 at Australian Fashion Week, CAMILLA AND MARC is an Australian women fashion label. It was launched by Sydney based brother and sister Camillia Freeman-Topper and Mark Freeman. CAMILLA AND MARC always believed in great designs with the dream to inspire women to live creatively and luxuriously. They combined luxurious fabrics, colourful prints, and eccentric details to produce a unique specimen that depicted masculine tailoring with feminine silhouettes.

CAMILLA AND MARC design statement pieces that represent sophistication with simplicity and sensibility. The designs are innovative, timeless and beautiful, which are effortlessly wearable that you must try once in your lifetime. You can shop for designer pieces here.


If you are drawn towards bespoke bohemian lifestyles, CAMILLA is going to be your favourite. Founded fifteen years ago, Camilla Franks founded the designer brand in Sydney’s Bondi Beach that captured many hearts because of its innovative bohemian styles. Inspired by her global wanderings, the designs are meticulous pieces that are hand-cut. They showcase great placement of details that indicates precision and craftsmanship.

Not only for women, but she also has designer pieces for men and kids' apparels that can be a great gift for your loved ones. If you wish to try her intriguing and beautiful designs, buy them here.


The co-designers Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto conceptualized the cool and quirky designs and laid the foundation of ACLER in 2015. The designers were much intrigued by the tactile design process. Each piece is developed over the time of 12 months. The entire piece is redrafted and redraped; so, it takes its natural form. The whole process results in organic sculptural shapes that define finesse, class, and minimalism much desired by modern women.

If you love clean tailoring, shirtings, and suitings matched with loud colours and prints, you should surely go for ACLER. To buy attire from this stunning designer range, click here.


Love to blend contemporary fashion with the tales of the charming era? Time to invest in LEO & LIN!

Located in Sydney, Australia, LEO & LIN is one of the most influential women's ready-to-wear brands in Australia. The brand is known for its unique style – “Modernistic Nostalgia,” which creatively incorporates the idea of past and present in many aspects. This creative aspect gives rise to a style that flawlessly resonates through time, mixing the design elements of the modern and the past era.

The idea of celebrating women's independence inspired LEO and LIN before he finally plunged into the world of fashion.

90’s style icons like the late Diana, Princess of Wales, actress Julia Roberts and supermodel Kate Moss were his inspiration. He was motivated by the stark contrast of women achievements and their femininity. For him, a woman’s achievement and her femininity personify the modern woman.

The brand offers elegant and statement pieces which are apt for any formal event. The designs have heavy use of floral motifs that depicts the inherent feminine skew, which makes it a statement piece for your wardrobe. Owing to its beautiful designs, the brand largely caters to the social media savvy customers.

Ms Moonlight is the signature colour of the brand that has an elegant yet mythical blue-grey hue appearing on all of the luxe packaging. LIN and LEO deliver a magical experience with its golden logo embossed boxes and bags that are decorated with divine ribbons. The complete packaging is crafted with the same-named scent sprayed all over.

Wrapping up!

Fashion is a way you want to express and live. You don’t need to fall for trends that come in and go. Instead, all you need to do is to find what helps you put forth the best of your personality.

All aforesaid fashion brands will help you impressively articulate your style and make a statement. You can pair these with contemporary or timeless accessories to create several unique looks. Get all of them at Designer Galerie. Shop now for the latest collections and look fab, effortlessly!

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