Are you a big fan of neutral colours? There is good news for you- neutral colours are the new classics. You can wear them all year round, regardless of season or occasion.

The best thing about neutral colours is that they represent wholesomeness. They blend in and go well with almost all other colours. This way, they enhance the minimalist appeal and neutral calmness. You can consider them as wardrobe staples to build your collection and make the most out of it.

Neutral colours are shades of white, black, grey, cream, or ivory. You can also use other colours- sage and olive greens, burnt orange, sand, denim, navy- which have neutral-like characteristics. People with light skin tone can also consider pale blush as a neutral colour. However, these variations are not technically neutrals but you can wear them as they are so relaxing and calming to the eyes like neutrals.

However, the important thing is to pair them with other outfits and accessories rightly. We know you have landed here in search of styling neutral outfits, and you don’t need to worry anymore. We have got you covered!

Here are tips and tricks on how you can wear neutral colours like a true diva.

How To Style Neutral Colour Outfits?


Be it a man or a woman white is the staple colour in every wardrobe. It is an extremely versatile colour that suits every skin tone. White is the most classy and elegant neutral shade that you can pair with almost every colour and style in different ways.

Solid white colour dresses are like a blank canvas. You can experiment with it any style the way you like it. You can dress up or dress down depending on the way you carry it that has the potential to make or break the whole look. You can follow the following simple yet pretty styling tips for whites:

  • Wear white shirts, tops, tunics, or blouses with dark-coloured denim, palazzos, and floral or patterned skirts.
  • Wear white skirts with white striped or neon tops, chequered shirts, or neutral colour blouses.
  • Pair white jeans, trousers, or palazzos with any of your favourite light or dark-coloured tops or blazers. You can wear it with a plain, animal print, or patterned top.
  • You can go all white with a textured or solid white dress.


Gold is a colour that is hard to let go of. Parties, festive, or any other special occasion gold colour can instantly brighten up your look as well as make you look elegant. Gold dresses are the most desired outfit choice for every woman. It effortlessly adds class and elite to your style. You can wear a gold colour dress whenever you feel la-di-da!

Wear your beautiful gold colour outfit this way next time:

  • Style a gold colour mini dress with black or golden footwear for a bright and hot look.
  • Get yourself a gold full-length maxi dress for the upcoming party. It gives mesmerizing and feminine vibes.
  • Try a sequin-studded golden dress, it can never go wrong.
  • Go casual with a gold colour shirt, denim shorts or jeans, and white sneakers.
  • Solid black pants and skirts go perfect with shimmery gold colour uppers.


Beige gives a chic twist to your look. It allows other colours to stay focused, which is a great characteristic. Beige colour captivates your style and wardrobe, especially in the summer months. Beige looks perfect when styled in natural fabric. And, it is no surprise as the french meaning of beige is natural wool.

  • To demand attention, experiment with beige in bold designs like oversized sleeves and unusual shapes and cuts.
  • Pair beige tops, shirts, and blouses with black bottoms for a refreshed classy look.
  • Accent beige outfit with gold to go elegant and burgundy leather ankle boots.
  • Pair with white jeans and a blazer to appear crisp and bright.


Black is an unsung hero of all times that is depicted by the fashion industry’s obsession with black clothing. It is slimming, requires bare minimum effort, and gets along with almost any colour and style. If you wear black every day, it is important to not look boring. To avoid being dull, you need to switch things up, at least at a subtle level.

  • To jazz up the monochromatic outfit, add a few contrasting accessories that pop like a red handbag, vintage glasses, or a statement ankle.
  • Show up a bit of skin to break the all cocooned look.
  • Go for an all-black casual outfit.
  • Add a voluminous black piece like an oversized coat to add drama.
  • Add visual interest with a patterned shirt.
  • Wear stylish brown boots.


Grey is the most style-savvy colour that brings balance to every outfit. It focuses on other dimensions of the entire look that you have aimed to create. We can say that no wardrobe is complete without grey neutral outfits. If you are looking for a softer alternative to black, then grey is the ideal colour. It is the best way to get a safe and classic appearance in any season whether it's winter or summer.

  • Layer grey top with a moto jacket.
  • Wear a long grey cardigan for a flattering winter look.
  • Go chic for work with grey pants and a black or white colour shirt.
  • Combine grey with soft pink colour for subtle styling.

Above were some ways you can consider while styling the neutral colours.

Well, what is your favourite way to wear neutral colours? Let us know in the comments below. And, don’t forget to check Designer Galerie for your favourite neutral shade.

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