The importance of basic clothing items is generally underrated by women.

Ladies run from one store to another to find that stunning, oomph-loaded outfit, forgetting the fact that even their simple T-shirts can be used to create a unique, fashionable look. 

If you have any event in near future and you are running out of style inspiration, worry not! We have got you a mini style guide here to style a basic T-shirt and achieve that comfy yet classy look. Here are some chic and smart ways to style a basic T-shirt. 

11 Ways You Can Style a Basic T-Shirt

A well-fitting T-shirt can be blended and styled with multiple clothing items to create a variety of looks. Let’s get started!

Style Tip 1- Pair it with a Patterned Coat

A patterned coat may turn your look into a sophisticated one. Steal one patterned coat from your mom’s closet and pair it up with a basic T-shirt and jeans when you are going out for brunch or meeting your friends. Go for brown or grey shades with checkered or floral prints. It will give your weekend outfit an instant style spin that’s worth all the praise.

Style Tip 2- Style it Up with Tweed Jacket

When you are looking for some style inspiration for your office in those denim friendly days, a short jacket is all you need. It is comfy, classic, and looks smart, which is all you need for a meeting ready look. Pair it up with a basic T-shirt and high-waisted jeans for that unfussy outfit perfect for workwear.

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Style Tip 3- Get Easy with Cardigans

There are days when you are running errands to pick up kids from school; so, you need a go-to casual that’s effortless, chic, and comfy. Style your T-shirts with distressed jeans and long cardigans; so, you will get an instant style upgrade. Cardigans flatter every figure and work best when you are running out of clothes. Further, complete the look with sandals or sneakers or ankle boots.

Style Tip 4- Go with Pants

Jeans and T-shirts seem to be the classic combo for everyone, add a bit of sophistication to this combo by replacing the jeans with pants. Pick formal colours like beige, lilac, or grey to add a bit of class and interest. You can also cuff these pants at the bottom for a cool and quirky look. Also, pair it up with pumps and a blazer to spice up the otherwise simple look.

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Style Tip 5- Pair it with a Polished Plaid Skirt

Have you wasted your time thinking of stylish clothing in winters? Style a simple T-shirt with a polished plaid skirt, and you are all set. Pairing your basic T-shirt with a sophisticated plaid skirt gives you a refined look, and you can upgrade your style. If you have any event in the nearby future, a classic combination of plaid skirt with a basic T-shirt is there to solve all your winter dilemmas. Pair it up with classic black or tan boots, and a leather bag, you are good to go!

Style Tip 6- Layer a Fashionable Jacket

Do you have your favourite concert next week?

Get yourself an instant dose of style for the chilly winters with a puffer jacket or a leather jacket by layering it up on a basic tucked-in T-shirt. Pair it up with cropped jeans, either black or blue or any colour of your choice. Carry a leather bag along with statement footwear to complete the look.

Style Tip 7- Give it a Little Conservative Twist with Palazzos or Lounge Pants

As you can see the latest trends, palazzos are coming back in fashion. It allows all of us to style this loose cut and conservative bottom-wear with basic T-shirts. This style is going to add in a little more comfort for any casual outing.

Tuck in the T-shirt and put a waist belt around your waist, it will add an interesting focal point to the complete outfit. Further, you can pair it up with minimal jewellery and high heels to jazz up your look a little more.

Style Tip 8- Get Creative with Your Crop Top

A crop top over a basic T-shirt is a classic combination that you can style with utter confidence and grace with denim jeans. Your creativity and unexpected fashion sense will give your attire an instant dose of edginess, making you the true charmer!

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Style Tip 9- Try Bandeau or Bralettes Over a T-Shirt

With many celebrities sporting the alluring combination of bralettes over T-shirts, it has become a cult trend.

If you follow modest fashion trends and wearing a bralette feels out of your comfort zone, you can wear it over a T-shirt. Snag a bralette and fasten it over your basic T-shirt to up your style and pair it up with contrasting pants. Same you can do with a bandeau. Consider layering it over your T-shirt and tuck both of them under your maxi skirt and voila! You have got another charming ensemble ready!

Style Tip 10- Simply Knot it Down!

If you have a basic oversized T-shirt, you can give it some shape with a good knot that can completely transform your look.

Just grab a basic T-shirt or with a graphic design and fold it up at the back. Gather the leftover fabric in the front and twist it until it forms a spiral. Wrap it around the ball and pull the end piece, and you are done! You can also play with the placement of the basic knot by keeping it at either side for a cool look.

Style Tip 11- Don’t Forget to Accessorise

Dressing up a simple T-shirt is easy. All you need to update your style is a few neckpieces, a pop of colour, jewellery to ornate, belts, and hairpieces. As you accessorise your basic T-shirt by layering some jewellery, hairpieces, or belts, it adds visual interest to your entire outfit. Apart from this, always carry bags and embrace some colours to make your look vibrant and charming.

Above were smart tips for styling your basic T-shirt. In case you regretted having a T-shirt or considered it useless, at least now you are convinced that

you made a good investment. T-shirts are an absolute staple everyone should have in their closet as possibilities of styling it is endless.

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