Slipping in the perfectly fitted size is the way to exude confidence.

Well, what if you are petite and struggle to find the right fit?

People with petite appearance often find it difficult to pick outfits that are universally flattering. After all, numerous factors are to be considered when finding the right clothing for the petite frame, including body shape, height, and proportions.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best styling tips of all time that will help you navigate your wardrobe, being a petite frame. But, first, let’s start with the basic understanding of what a petite frame is?

What is Petite Frame?

If you are struggling to find whether you fall under the petite frame or not, then let us tell you that the petite frame has nothing to do with your body weight. Instead, your height and proportions are of prime importance. Here are some characteristics that would help you categorise whether you are the petite frame or not, have a look:

  • You are 5.3 or under
  • You have a shorter inseam of around 27 or even less
  • Regular sleeves seem long on you
  • Pockets, shoulders, or knees don’t fall on the right places

7 Ways to Style Your Petite Figure

Once you have identified whether you fall under the petite frame, let’s move ahead with the baseline that you can follow while styling your petite figure.

1. Choose a dress with a split

Picking dresses with a split will keep the focus on legs while keeping the entire look subtle. It kind of balances out the look and gives the impression of long legs while saving you from drowning in the fabric. Make sure that the slit is strategically placed to give that practicality and style at the same time. Moreover, if you are the one that loves all the glam and glitz, a dress with a right split will make the heads turn for you!

2. Buy skirts that rest just above the knee

As mentioned above that petite frame is all about proportions and height, then pick skirts that rest above the knees. Why? Such skirts show your figure to the full effect that gives you a youthful look without making you look shorter. Short skirts give the impression of elongated legs without making you seem swampy.

3. Sweetheart necklines are your best friend

Sweetheart necklines are considered as feminine necklines that demonstrate the beautiful shapes and size of the breast. It enhances the look and draws attention to the beautiful figure other than the height and proportion. Moreover, it gives the impression of an elongated face that makes it one of the wearable options for petite frame girls. If you have a heavy breast, it accentuates the cleavage.

4. Cropped trousers are your go-to

For many girls, cropped trousers are challenging to style, but it is easier for petite frame girls. It brings versatility and style while drawing the attention to the skinny ankles. Cropped trousers or pants give the impression of a smaller and leaner figure making it apt for girls with a petite frame. Moreover, if you pair it with an elegant pair of heels, it disrupts the usual flow of the outfit and gives it a more elongated effect.

5. High waisted skirts to create an illusion of longer legs

High waisted skirts are another wearable option for shorter girls giving the legs and elongated effect. These skirts look more flattering on girls who are on the curvy side as it accentuates the waist while hiding the tummy portion. Moreover, this particular style is timeless and conservative and looks good on all body types. Also, it saves you from any embarrassment out of a chubby belly while drawing all the attention towards your legs.

6. Use layers to create a balanced look

Layering is specifically for the cold climate, but it creates an abundance of colours and tones that draws attention to the entire outfit rather than the body proportions. It is the best way to spruce up your look. You can also create a monochromatic look by adding in a kimono of the same colour, shrugs, or sweaters. However, make sure that you don’t over layer; otherwise, you will get lost in the fabrics and clothing.

7. Finally choosing a solid coloured dress can work in your favour

When it comes to styling petite figures, we would recommend you to avoid different colours at the same time. Instead, go for solid colours that give the impression of a slim figure and good height. We would recommend you to go for darker shades as they hide the flaws well and create an illusion of long height. Also, you can opt for dark colours with vertical stripes to give a visually elongated effect.

So this was all about styling the petite frame. If you want more styling tips, stay tuned with us! Also, consider checking our selection of beautiful apparels at Designer Galerie and find your new favourite must-haves!

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